Student Care Team

The student care team provides a convening body of multi-disciplinary leadership perspectives in order to foster sharing of essential information and collaboration. The student care team's purpose is to monitor, assess, intervene, consult, and referral regarding barriers to student success and wellbeing.

The student care team promotes student success through:

  • Coordination of information, services, resources, and campus perspectives
  • A ssessment of threat, well being, and available campus and resources
  • Response to concerning behavior, distress, campus crisis, wellness concerns
  • Education of the college to create and maintain an ethos of care

When should contact Student Care Team?

College provide students with the education and services they need to enjoy a successful college experience. At times, College may encounter students who exhibit distressed or disruptive behaviors. Contact the student care team to consult or file a report at receptionist if you are made aware of any of the following:

  • Writings, communication, or assignments that threaten the student and/or others
  • Distressed or disruptive student classroom, campus, or online behavior
  • Medical emergencies or hospitalizations
  • Homelessness
  • Assault, violence, and/or incarceration
  • Student death or deaths of family members
  • Significant mental health concerns and suicidal ideation
  • Major cultural conflicts or natural disasters impacting student success
  • Crisis or trauma involving multiple students
Accreditation and Memberships
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