Diploma in Elementary and Primary Education

Why Diploma in Elementary and Primary Education

Earning a diploma in elementary and primary education is a practical first step toward becoming an educator. A diploma program will typically take one to two years to complete. During this time, a student will gain the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a professional career in education.

What is a Diploma in Elementary and Primary Education

This diploma helps prepare students to become teachers or work in education administration. Diplomas in education are typically tailored to specific age groups. Some programs prepare students to work in the field of secondary education while others may focus on adult education, medical education, early childhood education, primary and even educational management and leadership. There are 60 credit hours in this programme.

Program objectives

The aim of this programme is to improve the quality of primary school instruction and management. The specific objectives of the programme are to: i) Enhance the teacher‟s subject content and pedagogical knowledge, skills and attitudes. ii) Enhance teachers‟ ability to handle two of the subject areas taught in primary schools. iii) Develop a primary school teacher who is creative and capable of discovering, understanding, controlling and adapting to new technologies. iv) Enable the primary school teacher to develop the child‟s ability in creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills. v) Develop a teacher‟s awareness, understanding and commitment to professional ethics, basic human rights and sound environmental. vi) Develop a teacher‟s capacity to produce and use relevant learning materials. vii) Enhance a teacher‟s leadership and managerial skills. viii) Prepare teachers for further Education and training.

Mode of Delivery

On Campus or Blended Learning


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