Cambridge English exams are officially accepted by thousands of universities, employers and governments globally. They can open doors to higher education, improve job prospects and, because the qualifications are so well-known globally, increase mobility.

Cambridge ESOL is active in over 130 countries. More than 20 countries/regions have a site in their local language. Around the world over 12,500 organisations accept Cambridge English exams. They include universities and colleges, business organisations and government departments. They trust our exams to show how good you are at English.

Cambridge English exams use materials and situations from everyday life in English-speaking countries. For example, the Listening tests use native speakers from countries including the UK, Australia, the USA and Canada.

Cambridge English exams cover the four skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. This means you can use English in real everyday situations.


Lincoln College is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges - ASIC

Accreditation through ASIC will help the student and parent make a more informed choice and will also help a college/university demonstrate to the marketplace that they are a high quality institution. Given our experience, we are well aware of:

The existence of colleges, which appeared to focus largely on bringing young people into the UK as potential students, but whose main aim was to become an illegal economic immigrant, Colleges which, although genuine educational institutions, provided their students with a poor experience, sometimes placing them on inappropriate programmes, Quite reputable colleges, and indeed some universities, which were not well prepared to cater for all of the needs of international students.


Lincoln College has been accredited by the EDI. Education Development International (EDI) is a leading provider of education and training qualifications, and assessment services.

In the UK, EDI is accredited by the Government to award a wide range of vocational qualifications, including Apprenticeships and Employability. EDI's expertise is in quality assuring work-based training programmes working closely with employers, and over 1500 private training providers and further education colleges..


Lincoln College is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate - ISI

The Independent Schools Inspectorate is an agency approved by the UK Border Agency to carry out Educational Oversight inspections of Private Further Education Colleges and English Language Schools in England and Wales.

Accreditation and Memberships
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