Business English

Our Business English courses have been designed to enable our students to communicate effectively in English in the business world. With these programmes, you will not only improve your language skills in Business English, you will also be able to attend specific business courses that no other language school can offer.

This course is recommended to Professionals and Business Students who wish to improve their english skills for business work and situations. This course is also perfect for students wishing to take a Business Course such as those offered by university.

Course activities are varied, hands-on, task-based and give students every opportunity to practise. Activities include role plays, team work, simulations and case studies. Materials are based on input from participants whenever possible. As well as improving their Business English skills, students gain an insight into the working culture in UK and gain Skills of Management.

  • Two days a week
  • Placement test required
  • Course Length: 4 - 52 weeks
Accreditation and Memberships
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