Living Cost

The Cost of Living in London

Estimates vary as to how much students should budget for, and London, like other cities, can be as expensive as personal taste dictates. Rents in private properties depend on the quality of accommodation and the location: a flat in Zone 1 (central London) will cost a lot more than a shared house in Zone 3. You may find a room in a shared flat/house for around £400.00 per month, but the upper limit you could pay would depend on your budget and the location you want.

Weekly Expenses on Food,Travel and Study materials estimated is £95.00 it may be less or more depend on how to they went to travel and where they like to eat.

Scoring points for your maintenance (living expenses)

If you have enough money to cover your living expenses in the UK, you will score 10 points. You must: be able to support yourself throughout your stay in the UK. You will not have access to most state benefits (also known as 'public funds') during your stay; and show that you have £900 available in personal savings.Your personal cash savings must have been in your bank account for 90 consecutive days before your date of application; not include earnings made from UK employment while you were in breach of UK immigration laws (because, for example, you were in an immigration category that did not allow you to work); be held in an account (including savings accounts and current accounts, even if you need to give notice to withdraw money from those accounts).

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