English for Travel and Tourism

The aims of the course are to enable candidates to develop an understanding of the skills required within key sectors of the travel and tourism industry. A clear understanding of the geography of tourism. An awareness of the economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts of tourism. An understanding of what motivates people to travel.

This course requires candidates to view tourism change and development in terms of actual and potential beneficial and harmful impacts on destinations. Understand the kinds of skills which are needed to make tourism development a success and to apply this understanding to a specific workplace. Consider the range of factors which determine and help to explain the behaviour of tourists and the decisions that they make about tourism products.

The Travel and Tourism course will be particularly suitable for those seeking employment in travel and tourism. Those intending to progress to higher level vocational qualifications. Those already in travel or tourism employment (eg. with hotels, airlines or tour operators) but who wish to broaden their understanding of the industry in which they work.

  • three days a week
  • Placement test required
  • Course Length: 4 to 52 weeks
Accreditation and Memberships
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